Cyber Acoustics Stereo PC Headset perfect choice for VoIP

Cyber Acoustics

Cyber Acoustics Stereo perfect choice for VoIP and gaming

Stylish, comfortable and high quality, The AC-204 Analog Stereo Headset is the perfect choice for VoIP and gaming. Improve the quality of your listening experience with the 30mm dynamic transducers of the AC-204 headphones.

Its adjustable headband design is perfect for all head sizes, and the flexible, noise-reducing mic arm with 80 ° swivel does the trick, whatever your preference. The AC-204 headset uses 3.5mm dual jacks, compatible with most computers.

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Device Compatible

(Not compatible with Chromebook, Tablets or Mac) The AC-204 headset uses a single 3.5mm plug, compatible with Android, Apple, Chromebook, tablets and most desktop computers. With the included adapter, the AC-204 is backwards compatible with all other hardware.

This review may help some prospective buyers understand some of the upsides and downsides of this unit.


  • This headset is very inexpensive compared to others on the market, so it doesn’t beat up your wallet badly.
  • When used with my laptop computer, it works great: the sound from the headphones is quite good compared to a landline and sometimes better/worse than a cell phone connection, which often depends on the cell system and setup.
  • If you have a single connector coming out of your computer, cell phone, tablet or whatever device you’re going to be using the headset with, it’s just fine.
  • The connectors all have reasonable-looking stress reliefs on the cables, so they shouldn’t be too fragile.

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  • When used with my cell phone — an LG Tracfone, admittedly not particularly high end, but perfectly functional for day-to-day use — the sound from the headphones was good, but people who I talked to said that my voice sounded very tinny, similar to what you’d expect in a military aircraft or vehicle intercom – probably an impedance or preamp issue between the phone circuit and the microphone in the headset.
  • If you were playing video games and/or demand super sound performance, these are definitely not for you — they’re inexpensive, functional headphones, not a set of Bose or Sennheiser wonderphones.
  • If you have a double connector coming out of your computer, cell phone, tablet or whatever device you’re going to be using the headset with, you’ll have to use the included cable splitter — not a big deal, since it comes with the headset and it’s free, but it’s another thing to clutter up your workspace.
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Testing For Cyber Acoustics

I’ve only been using the headset for a few days, and essentially all my usage has been for Skype phone calls with my Lenovo laptop. I purchased a right angle cable extender (with 8″ cable) to allow me to plug in/out the headset without overworking the 3.5 mm single connector on my laptop.

I figured it would be a lot less hassle in the event of a future busted jack to replace the extender than it would be to deal with a broken connector on the motherboard, which can happen if you plug in/out more than a few thousand times.

Overall, it seems like a very good buy — now we’ll have to see how long the headset lasts under the few-times daily use that I’ll put it to.