JBL Quantum 100 Headset Enjoy the bass sound

JBL Quantum 100 review : a cool and in expensive headset

A thousand miles from the Quantum One that we were testing during the last start of the school year in September, we rest our ears against the pads of the Quantum 100, the entry-level little brother. So, a JBL gaming headset for less than 40 euros, is it worth anything?

If purists will inevitably find reason to criticize some of the products offered by JBL, the Californian brand founded 70 years ago, is certainly one of the best known in the world of audio.

It currently has two branches depending on whether it targets professionals ( JBL Pro ) or the general public ( JBL Consumer ). It is of course this second department which is at the origin of our Quantum 100 and of the Quantum range in general.

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JBL Quantum 100 datasheet

Compact and light, inexpensive without too much sacrifice, the Quantum 100 is a model that the brand intended for players wishing to enjoy ” clear sound without breaking the bank ” as it likes to remind us.

Note that this is the Petit Poucet from the Quantum range, the “super luxury” model of which we were testing two months ago. Between these two extremes, there is something to satisfy all budgets, all desires from the Quantum 200 to the Quantum 800 via the 300, 400 and 600.

The JBL Quantum 100 is:

  • Driver                                                : 40mm dynamic drivers
  • Impedance                                       : 32 ohms
  • Frequency response                       : 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Microphone                                     : Yes, unidirectional and flexible on detachable boom
  • Microphone frequency response : 100 Hz – 10 KHz
  • Connection                                       : Wired, 1.2 meter 3.5mm cable
  • Spatialization                                   : No
  • Software                                            : No
  • Weight                                               : 211 grams
  • Price and availability                      : available, at € 39.95

Speakers “only” 40 millimeters in diameter, a frequency response that does not go beyond 20 kHz and no sound spatialization option? There is little room for doubt, JBL has opted for recessed features in order to offer a product at a minimum price. Note, if the quality of rendering and capture are there, we will not complain.

Design and Comfort

Undoubtedly, the first savings to reduce the price of its headset, JBL made them on the structure of its product. While the manufacturer is used to offering a metal frame to provide a certain stability to its headsets, it is pouring into the “all plastic”.

It emerges a fragile side, almost frail of the whole, but of our tests over ten days, the Quantum 100 does not seem so delicate as long as you avoid twisting it in all directions.

This advice applies in particular to the central arch which is the first to bear the brunt of the disappearance of the metallic architecture. So, out of the box, you immediately wonder if the assembly is not too flexible.

Comfortable on the head

It is true that the helmet moves away without having to force it, but once placed on the head, it offers effective support and has the good taste of not squeezing the face.

In the process, we were pleasantly surprised to see that the ear cups are mounted on rotating hinges of a certain amplitude: we can turn them 90 ° to store the headphones and this allows things to be adjusted a bit.

Unexpected Limited Rotation

Unfortunately, this adjustment is limited because the rotation is only done in one direction. In addition, larger ears will be quite bothered by the small diameter of these headphones the pads inevitably come to rest on the edge of the horns and the feeling is not pleasant.

The small and medium sized ones will not have this problem and will even be delighted to have a helmet that takes up less space than usual it takes up less space on the face, you have more the impression of “breathing” and when you put it on. tidying up is obviously easier.

Support for Mac, Windows, PS, Xbox

Officially, this is a model that can be used anywhere : Mac / Windows, PlayStation / Switch / Xbox or mobile. In practice, the single 3.5 millimeter jack does the job, but there is a lack of accessories.

No remote control for example to go with mobile use. No USB cable for the PC or jack adapter to use the microphone input / headphone output of our machines.

Finally, on the left ear cup, the controls are limited: a mute button for the microphone and a volume wheel without the slightest notch. JBL could have made an effort.

Audio reproduction and recording quality

Once you are used to high-end equipment, it takes a little time to accept the sacrifices made by JBL on the Quantum 100. First of all, it is impossible not to notice the general lack of homogeneity of the audio rendering.

There are some imbalances across the spectrum, but that’s not surprising given its price and we prefer to focus first on its qualities.

Most :

  • Little price
  • Efficient microphone capture
  • Rendering of mediums
  • Very stable on the skull
  • Easy to store / transport
  • PC / Mac, consoles, mobiles

The Lessers :

  • Treble clearly set back
  • Relatively small atria
  • Low sound insulation
  • Limited controls

Manual Guide For JBL 100

Manual Guide & Software Support