SteelSeries Rival 5 Review Software Driver

SteelSeries Rival 5 Review

SteelSeries Rival 5 Headset Review

If the fashion is for compact and ultralight mice , some players are still looking for larger and above all more versatile models.

To meet the expectations of the latter, SteelSeries unveils its new Rival 5. A mouse designed to adapt to the majority of players and games, with a comfortable design and a total of 9 programmable buttons.

Design & Ergonomics

In general terms, this new Rival 5 takes up what we had previously discovered on the Rival 600 and 650 models. We therefore remain on a rather imposing mouse, with relatively classic ergonomics and ultimately low risk. We are far from the compact and atypical format of an Xtrfy MZ1 or a Cooler Master MM720 .

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In terms of dimensions, the mouse has a total length of 128.80 mm, for a width of 63.35 mm on the front, 68.15 mm on the back and about 62 mm at the grip. The maximum height is measured at 42mm at the highest point of its chassis.

On the scale, the Rival 5 follows the current trend and displays only 85g. This is still much more than the lightest mice in the sector, but we are clearly moving away from the 96 g of a Rival 600 to which it was possible to add weights to climb up to 128 g.

Comparison Design with Logitech G502

For comparison, the Logitech G502 weighs nearly 120 g without its additional weights while it takes around 107 g for a Razer Basilisk. A big difference compared to the SteelSeries model.

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In use, the safe lines of this Rival 5 allow it to enjoy excellent comfort and the vast majority of players should be able to navigate it. Naturally, we are moving towards a grip in Palm Grip , allowing to secure the mouse while keeping direct access to its many buttons.

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Grip On Hand

The Claw Grip can also be considered, depending on your hand size and your own preferences. For Fingertips, on the other hand , it is a little more complicated and we recommend other more compact mice.

As for the general finishes, the mouse is only offered in black tones. The different plastics used seem to be of good quality and the whole does not present any play or cracking under torture. Also note that unlike previous Rival models, the rubber grips areas disappear from the side facades.

Button for SteelSeries Rival 5

Make way for the different buttons of this Rival 5, which as a reminder has a total of 9. The two main clicks are equipped with Golden Micro IP54 switches, where many competitors are moving towards models from Omron.

SteelSeries Rival 5 Review image

In use, they offer good reactivity, with a clear and well-marked activation. No pre or post-travel to emphasize and their durability is announced for 80 million activation.

Between the two buttons there is a wheel with rather well marked notches. Unlike a Logitech G502 Lightspeed or a Roccat Kone AIMO. However , it does not offer vertical scrolling and that’s a bit of a shame. Behind, a button allows by default to navigate between the different levels of sensitivity of the sensor.

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Left Front of The Mouse

The rest of the controls are concentrated on the left front of the mouse. Here, it is moreover rather loaded with first of all the two usual side buttons, quite thin and positioned above a recess facilitating the positioning of the thumb.

Again no pre or post-travel programs , but their activation requires a certain amount of force.

Above Buttons

Above these two buttons, there is a “switch” that can be pushed up or down and offering two additional shortcuts. This design reminds us a bit of what we had discovered a few years ago on certain Roccat models, like the Tyon and the Leadr.


Still on the front, there is then a “trigger” positioned at the front of the thumb, in the spirit of what Logitech and Razer respectively offer on their G502 and Basilisk models. Unless you have very large hands (or fingers), activating this “trigger” is unfortunately quite complicated and requires some gymnastics.

To overcome this problem, it is still possible to slightly rotate its grip in order to access it more naturally.

The back of the mouse is pretty basic. There are two PTFE pads giving the whole a correct glide. Small inserts make it easier to remove them if you want to replace them with more efficient models.

Connection for Rival 5

On the connection side, the Rival 5 opts for a fixed braided cable with a length of 2 meters. While this is still softer than the horrible cord of the MSI Clutch GM4 1, it is far from up to the best models in the industry.

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Still too rigid, we recommend accompanying it with a bungee to play in the best possible conditions.

SteelSeries Rival 5 Software

Download driver and software for Windows OS and Mac OS

Finally for SteelSeries Rival 5

Finally, let’s finish with a small point concerning the RGB lighting of the mouse. We find them at the level of the wheel. The palm rest and the side panels and for the time being they are probably the brightest that we have had the opportunity to see on a gaming mouse.

The more sensitive players will probably opt for a reduced intensity so as not to be embarrassed during the game.