Roccat Kone Pure Ultra Mouse Test – Software Update

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Roccat Kone Pure Ultra mouse test. Light, nice, but expensive

Roccat Kone Pure Ultra is such an interesting mouse that you won’t even find it on the manufacturer’s website. It is not a very good proof of it due to the presence of this model on the market for several months.  But there, today we are not reviewing the company itself, and we are testing the Roccat Kone Pure Ultra mouse in the white version.

Box and accessories included

The box in which the Roccat Kone Pure Ultra comes to us presents what is most important, i.e. a render close to the actual size of the mouse on the front. A lot of information on the left side and what is most important in this model on the back. Inside, don’t count on impressive accessories, because the game, apart from the mouse itself in a plastic casing, includes only the user manual. However, I will save you reading – you connect the mouse to the computer via USB and voila, it works.


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Design, materials and workmanship

Tailored specifically for right-handed users. The Roccat Kone Pure Ultra is a model that boasts a low, about 66-gram weight without a cable. Which it obtained with a full, non-punched housing. This is one of the main advantages of this mouse, which combines directly with a matte finish with an admixture of rubber that is great to the touch.

Its four-piece housing will appeal especially to those who like to feel the support of their hands on mice. Roccat achieved this with the Kone Pure Ultra with a deep groove for the thumb and a similarly designed right side panel for the little and ring finger.

Design Roccat Kone Pure Ultra

Instead of opting for a larger length or a higher ridge in the rear section.

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The Roccat in this model uses a fairly short casing with a very elliptical shape and many rounded edges. Although I do not like this type of approach personally. The adventure with Kone Pure Ultra finally came up positively, forcing me, as the owner of large hands. To use a palm-type grip in the 1 + 2 + 2 finger configuration. After a few hours of getting used to this rodent quickly. I liked it and I couldn’t really say a bad word about it in terms of its physicality.

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Good material

Interestingly looking in the white version, the housing provides a solid grip, separated side buttons perfectly above the thumb. Easy access to the roller and, if necessary, two additional buttons above it, is something that should be appreciated. The case is similar at the bottom of the mouse, where a set of three sliders takes care of the smoothness of the glide. Two of them are huge and include a significant portion of the upper and lower base, and the third surrounds the sensor in the center. All of them have a smooth surface and rounded edges. Which, combined with their low weight, is perfect for dynamic movements.


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The whole thing is complemented by a thin USB cable in a rubber cover. Which can and is flexible, and in addition it easily fits into a mouse bungee or on the top itself. However, before it reaches these properties, you have to “work it out” a bit. So in other words, it suggests stretching and crumpling it right after unpacking.

Button test

Kone Pure Ultra offers as many as six buttons and a roller, which distinguishes itself from so many other models with this one button above the scroll. There is a pair specially dedicated to DPI changes, working without any revelation, but at least it does not jam. The situation is much better with those side buttons. Where high-end switches are evidently used, providing zero-one way of working with the loud, hard nature of the click.

Some of this character can be found in the main buttons. But unfortunately Roccat has not revealed exactly what is under them. However, the switches there are said to withstand a lot, as much as 50 million activations. So it is not something from a low shelf, which I can definitely confirm after testing by combining high responsiveness. Well-balanced softness and hardness of the click and relatively low volume. If I gave them a rating, I would be between 7 and 7.5 to 10. I would also rate a fairly quiet roller with noticeable, characteristic shifts on the bearing, but a bit too frequent.

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Swarm software

Next to them, we can adjust the mouse to assign proverbs from a whole bunch of options, choose the backlight effect and play with these more advanced settings. We are talking about the possibility of activating the zero debounce option. Adjusting the LOD parameter with calibration especially for our shim. Or checking in a simple test whether we have chosen a good level of sensitivity.

Download for roccat software

Kone Pure Ultra backlight

If you want to illuminate the stand, you have nothing to look for here. Admittedly, the Kone Pure Ultra has a very bright RGB diode. But this one can only be found under the manufacturer’s logo on the spine. In addition to the options of the permanent mode, flickering, breathing, heartbeat and smooth transition, we also find the proprietary Roccat AIMO system, which allows you to connect the backlight of other products from this manufacturer. Depending on the choice, we can choose the theme, color and speed of the effect, but the choice of brightness is always an option.

Owl-Eye sensor test

In the Kone Pure Ultra mouse we find the original Roccat optical sensor in the form of Owl-Eye, the sensitivity of which can range from 50 to 16,000 DPI with increments of 50 units. After calibrating on a material pad (LOD was ~ 1.6 mm)

Unfortunately, these results are not favorable for the model, and I have to add my three cents to them. Admitting that after switching to the Kone Pure Ultra from the mouse with the best PixArt sensor at the moment (PMW3389), the difference in precision was noticeable.

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No wonder, however, as the model does not maintain a constant 1000 Hz refresh rate (according to one program). Shows smoothing and gets lost a bit, as shown by the blue-red graph. Below you can see the effectiveness of Owl-Eye depending on the level of sensitivity in terms of high frequency interpolation and jittering. Both phenomena were already felt at the level of 3200 DPI. And the first signs of a decrease in sensitivity can be noted at the level of 1600 DPI.

Roccat Kone Pure Ultra test – summary

Currently, the Kone Pure Ultra costs PLN 289. I can definitely say that it is too much for a hundred money if you are looking for a mouse well balanced in terms of possibilities and about PLN 50 if you care about the appearance, an additional button and great workmanship. The biggest problem in this model is the precision itself, the low level of which surprised me at the start. As I did not notice such a big problem with other tests of the Owl-Eye models.

Ultimately, the Kone Pure Ultra Roccata model is simply a nice-looking and well-made, pleasant mouse with slightly extended possibilities and low weight. It provides not only a high level of comfort, but also an ideal shape for grasping palm trees with large hands and claw with smaller ones. However, the thorn at its side is the sensor itself, similar to those in the PLN 100/150 segment.

Kone Pure Ultra uses the traditional Roccat HUB, where we can find all the most important options and something extra. There are profiles to save in the mouse memory, a macro manager with extensive assignments depending on the games, five predefined DPI levels, roller speed, double-click speed and cursor in Windows, which, of course, corresponds to the system settings.