AMD Ryzen 5 3600X Detail Review Manual & Driver

AMD Ryzen 5

AMD Ryzen 5 3600X review: a balanced CPU that rocks the Core i5s

  • Socket AM4
  • Number of hearts 6
  • Frequency 3.8 GHz
  • Hidden 32 KB
  • Thermal Design Power 95 W
  • Engraving 7 nm

The 3rd generation of Ryzen processors brings a new way of conceiving CPUs, cut into different modules. This new approach from AMD is accompanied by various architectural improvements and a 7nm engraving.

We have published a full article dedicated to 3rd gen AMD Ryzen processors. We therefore refer you to this article to learn more, and we will content ourselves with summarizing here the strengths and weaknesses of the Ryzen 5 3600X. This model has 6 cores and has SMT therefore allowing 12 threads to be displayed on its counter.

The SMT is a system identical to Intel’s HT (Hyper-Threading) and makes it possible to optimize performance in certain types of applications (audio / video / rendering in particular). The base frequency is 3.8 GHz, and it is possible to reach 4.4 GHz thanks to the Boost mode. Its thermal envelope is 95 W.

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Lower temperatures and consumption

The test machine is based on a Gigabyte X470 Aorus Gaming 7 Wi-Fi motherboard . We stay on an X470 chipset, but flashed in F40 and therefore supposed to offer the best possible compatibility. For the rest of the configuration, we find G.Skill FlareX DDR4-3200 memory and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Founders Edition card. Finally, for the OS, it is the latest version of Windows 10.

The Ryzen 5 3600 has been put to the test on computation (wPrime), rendering (Cinebench), coding (x264) and memory (Aida64). The results are available above. We are also entitled to in-game performance on titles like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey , a game deemed very heavy for the CPU , or Far Cry 5.

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AMD Ryzen 5

Regarding temperatures, in a room at 20 ° C, the Ryzen, used with the basic cooler, displays 40 ° C at rest and 75 ° C during tests. Results around 5 ° C lower than the previous generation.

The whole configuration consumes around 125 W under Aida64. In benchmarks involving the graphics card, consumption is around 360 W. As you can imagine when you see the results, there is little suspense. The tester awards a gold medal to this Ryzen 5 3600.

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• Application performance.
• Performance in games up compared to the previous generation.
• Controlled electricity consumption.


• Still a bit behind Intel’s gaming solutions.


The Ryzen 5 3600X is the ultimate all-terrain processor. This CPU is equally at ease in intensive calculations (video editing, compression, photo editing) as in video games, where it ultimately has little to envy to Intel’s Core i5s. A nice success which is accompanied by controlled electricity consumption.

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