How to Evolve Pawmi and Pawmo in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

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How to Evolve Pawmi and Pawmo in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

Pawmi is the latest installment of Mouse Pokemon added to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and they’re adorable. If you’ve been impatient and have looked through the leaks and created your dream team and Pawmi is one of the members, we have the information for you.

Pawmi is looking to be a fan favorite and who can blame them? They are beautifully round and squishy. Everything you want in a cute pokemon. Cute Pokemon are usually winners in people’s hearts, and it’s clear to see why.

If you’re one of those who hopes that Pawmi will be cute and strong, there’s still a good chance. While some mouse pokemon only evolve once, sometimes not at all, Pawmi evolves twice, so fingers crossed.

No more wondering what their evolution will be, because today is the day of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

At what level does Pawmi evolve?

Pawmi evolves at level 18. This is a very easy evolution, as you only need to keep them in your party to evolve them. Or if you want to level them up a little faster, you can have them as your main damage dealer so they get the main XP fight as it comes. You can also use XP candies to speed up the process.

When evolved, it transforms into Pawmo, which looks a lot like Pawmi, but they now stand on two feet rather than fours.

What level does Pawmo play?

Pawmo requires a slightly different approach to evolve them into their final evolution, Pawmot. To evolve Pawmo into his final form, you’ll need to walk 100 steps into the overworld with Pawmo by your side. This is a very easy evolution to perform, and you’ll be taking 100 steps in no time!

You will be about to complete your Pokedex and now have a fully evolved Pawmot.

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