Logitech MX Master 2S Detail Review

Logitech MX Master 2S

Logitech MX Master 2S test : an evolution that mainly relies on its Flow

Evolution of the MX Master, the MX Master 2S is in appearance identical to its predecessor except for the color. In appearance only, since changes are hidden at the electronic and software level. Let’s see what improvements Logitech has in store for us.

About MX Master 2S

If the design of the MX Master 2S is strictly identical to that of the MX Master, the same is not true for its colors. Logitech offers three new ones (“graphite”, “teal blue” and “light gray” replace the “black”, “stone” and “navy blue” of the first version).

The recommended public price for the MX Master 2S is € 109, or € 10 more than the MX Master.

Ergonomics MX Master 2S

The MX Master 2S is a particularly comfortable mouse. It is also particularly imposing and is therefore intended more for large hands with its 85.7 mm wide and 48.4 mm high, for 126 mm in length.

For comparison, the G602 of the same brand, also wireless, but oriented to video games, is a few millimeters longer (139 mm), but is less wide (83 mm) and tall (44 mm) than the Master.

However, we are still far from the massive Asus ROG Spatha , even wider (89 mm), a little less high (45 mm), but much heavier still with its 175 g. Without being light, the Master 2S remains fairly easy to handle with its measured 149 g (145 g on the technical sheet).


However, it is better to forget it for fast video games. It is clearly not designed for nervous movements and this is also why its shape is also rounded. Favoring a palm grip , the fully rested hand. And as such, we can say that the goal is successful. Since the mouse is particularly pleasant to handle, with a shape that follows the lines of the hand, as long as you are right-handed.


The fingers naturally find their place on the mouse, in particular the thumb which benefits from a very wide location to rest without touching the surface on which the device is placed. This area dedicated to the thumb is textured with triangular shapes that give it a modern look and improve grip, especially since the plastic used is slightly rubberized and grainy.

This material is even used on the top of the mouse without relief, of course and offers a pleasant touch, quite soft and not very slippery. It’s also not messy and seems to limit sweating. The main buttons on the other hand benefit from a smooth plastic, harder and more resistant, but still quite soft.

For aesthetic reasons, the mouse has a metallic effect plastic strip at its base. Plastic found in part on the left edge and on the underside. If it does not give an aspect as luxurious as the bronze effect of the black MX Master, it is nevertheless more sober, which will undoubtedly be preferred by a good number of users. The finish is in any case very neat and only two small screws are visible below the mouse.

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Regarding the buttons, there are a total of 7. Above the click wheel, a button is used, by default, to switch from free scrolling to notched scrolling of the wheel, but it can very well be associated with another function by simply changing the allocation in the configuration software.

There are also the inevitable edge buttons, judiciously placed just above the thumb. We can nevertheless deplore their small size and their positioning one above the other, forcing to activate the one above with the tip of the thumb. Big thumbs might have a little trouble handling them, although that’s a matter of habit.

This unusual position is explained by the presence of a second wheel located in the extension of these buttons, dedicated by default to horizontal scrolling. Convenient for users of spreadsheets, photo editing software, video editing software, etc.

Logitech MX Master 2S

Seventh button

You may be wondering where the seventh button is. it’s hard to find just by looking at the photos that illustrate this test. It is actually located at the base of the thumb slot.

You just have to press down with the latter to activate it and activate, by default, the switching between the different open programs in Windows (equivalent to the alt + tab function) or the navigation between the desktops in mac OS.

As with all the other buttons, it is nevertheless possible to assign it a completely different function. Logitech also offers to assign a secondary function to each button, which is activated when you hold down the Fn key on the keyboard. It is even possible to use gestures in combination with this key (sliding the mouse to the right,

Experience with this Mouse

A big highlight of Logitech mice, the ultra fast scroll wheel is offered here in a more advanced version than on the brand’s other mice. It is indeed capable of automatically switching from a notched scrolling mode to a free scrolling mode depending on the strength of the impulse given with the finger a slow movement and the wheel behaves like any other wheel.

With well marked notches a rapid movement and the dial rotates at full speed, only to stop after several seconds. The intensity required to switch from one mode to the other is adjustable in the configuration software.

Very practical for scrolling through long documents in the blink of an eye, without losing the precision of the notches.

Switching Mechanism

Although it is not known if the automatic scroll mode switching mechanism has been strengthened, Logitech still claims to have increased quality controls to at least avoid the wheel oscillation problems that we had highlighted. During a survey at the beginning of 2017.

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In terms of glide, the PTFE pads ensure smooth movements, even without a mouse pad, although the use of the latter is strongly recommended to limit their wear and gain in comfort of use at the same time.

The sliding is also quite quiet, which is a good point for working in peace. Too bad the main buttons are not more discreet, generating a rather loud click. On the other hand, they turn out to be very reactive, which is appreciable.

Control Other Device

Like the first MX Master, the 2S is able to control up to three computers thanks to its SmartShift function. The mouse can in fact be connected both via Unifying radio transceivers (2.4 GHz) (a nanoreceiver is supplied with the mouse) and via Bluetooth.

A button below allows you to switch between the different registered channels. In order to connect to the different associated machines, whatever their operating system (Windows or macOS only).

However, this function quickly found its limits among users who had to constantly juggle several systems, to use a laptop at the same time as a desktop computer, for example. It is impractical to manipulate the channel change button located under the mouse. Logitech has nevertheless found the solution with a new technology called Flow. On which it relies precisely to offer this new 2S model.

Simply to use

Thanks to Flow, you can now switch from one computer to another automatically, without having to press a button! To do this, simply install the Logitech Options software on each computer, then start the Flow feature setup. When we try to move the mouse pointer to the left or right of the screen. It will then switch to the previously designated machine.

Of course, it is better to always position your computers in the same order. So that the changes are logical.

A devilishly effective function, which we can however regret to see only on the new models and not on the old MX Master. Since it is after all only a software technology. But we have to justify the release of this new model and the cost of developing this function, however software it may be.

Battery Capacity

The MX Master 2S is not, however, just an MX Master with Flow function. Logitech has also improved the electronics of its high-end mouse. Autonomy, first of all, goes from 40 to 70 hours after a simple 3 hour charge.

Strangely, the battery capacity does not seem to have been increased (500 mAh). But we can assume better management of consumption. Icluding an improved wireless transfer protocol thanks to the progress made during the design of the G900.

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We also appreciate the possibility of using the mouse for a whole day (8 hours) after a charge of only three minutes. For recharging, simply connect the micro-USB cable to the front of the mouse and USB to the computer. The scope of use, for its part.

Precision MX Master 2S

The other notable change on this Master 2S is in the sensor. Still of the laser type, Logitech’s Darkfield sensor goes to a sensitivity of 4000 dpi, against 1600 dpi previously.

Above all, it is now possible to adjust the sensitivity in steps of 50 dpi, from 200 dpi (200 dpi steps between 400 and 1600 dpi on the MX Master). It doesn’t change the precision of the mouse, but it becomes more versatile and ready for ultra-high definition.

In addition, we always appreciate the ability of this sensor to work on glass and on a wide variety of materials in general.

Button The Accuracy

The accuracy turns out to be very good, and if the fastest players will manage to hit the speed limits of the sensor. Let’s not forget that we are here in the presence of a mouse designed for office automation. In fact, we will not recommend it to fans of FPS and other fast games.

Demanding users will also prefer to use it with the Unifying radio receiver rather than Bluetooth. Due to the greater latency induced by this latest technology. Latency bearable, but present.

Easy to use, Logitech Options software allows you to modify the functions of the various mouse buttons. Create user profiles for software and modify main settings. It is also used to configure the new Flow function. Too bad the settings are not saved in the mouse itself or even in line with a user profile.


  • Grip comfort, ergonomics.
  • Smart scroll wheel and second wheel for horizontal scrolling.
  • 7 configurable buttons, with secondary function.
  • Very practical Flow function for using the mouse with several computers simultaneously.
  • Neat finishes.
  • Precise laser sensor that also works on glass.
  • Good autonomy, fast charging.


  • Massive design, not recommended for small hands.
  • Quite small edge buttons, not very accessible for big fingers.


Always as pleasant to use as long as you do not have a small hand. The MX Master 2S improves without taking much risk. The arrival of the Flow function is nevertheless a real good surprise. Largely justifying the arrival of this 2S version although it could very well have been added to the previous version.