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Logitech Mouse M510 : Fits All?

We know that logitech brand has produce many good product in the market. Many people satisfied with the logitec brand not excepted me. So we will review a mouse with this brand, the Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse. Which sells pretty well on Amazon. what about the performance and quality of this mouse?

A full-size wireless laser mouse, for more possibilities with ease, thanks to its increased comfort and additional controls. The curved shape, standard size, and soft side coating fills your hand and puts you in control. Thanks to its Previous / Next buttons and its multidirectional scrolling and zooming, benefit from increased and rapid possibilities.

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It’s easy to forget that this mouse runs on batteries thanks to its two-year battery life. Its streamlined shape, rubberized grip and convenient controls allow this full size wireless laser mouse to give you all the comfort and control you need, with ease.

Designed to satisfy both right and left hands. The soft side coating and comfortable shape prevent fatigue even after long hours of work. Quickly browsing through documents or accessing your favorite websites is a snap. Especially if you’re right-handed, with the buttons easily accessible under your thumb. The control is in your hands. Scroll sideways and zoom in and out on photos and spreadsheets with a flick of your finger.

Programmable controls

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You can assign the buttons the functions you want, such as switching between applications. Opening your browser windows or activating full screen mode to view a movie.

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Overall, there isn’t much to complain about the M510. The input device designed by Logitech as a standard mouse offers decent performance on the mouse pad as well as on most other surfaces. Adapts well to larger hands and can even be tailored to individual applications.


The Logitech is a typical “middle class” mouse, located in the broad field between the ultra-cheap 10 $ mice for the undemanding and the special mice, for example for gamers.

Button for M510

The equipment reflects this. For example, the laser sensor of the mouse with 1,000 dpi is somewhat more sensitive than that of run-of-the-mill mice. And instead of just two buttons and a scroll wheel, the Logitech has seven. The forward / back buttons on the left of the housing, with which you can conveniently page through documents and websites, can also be individually assigned functions for application programs.

Although this is not a great configuration luxury, it still makes the mouse a bit more flexible in terms of dimensions.

Connection for M510

The wireless connection to the PC or notebook runs via a mini USB dongle. Which a Logitech in house development can communicate with several peripheral devices at the same time. The fact that it is so tiny and can therefore remain permanently stuck in the USB slot has been nothing special for a long time. But it should nonetheless be mentioned.

Customer opinions can also be seen that both the scroll wheel and the buttons allow comfortable and precise handling. And the mouse is apparently big enough for almost every hand. In any case, ergonomic problems are not known.

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A few users criticize the wireless range of the mouse, but it can also be annoying that the Logitech goes to sleep after a certain period of inactivity to save energy. Therefore shows a certain delayed response time when waking up – a rope can do that Strictly speaking, do not turn the device from it.

Finnaly More Better

The bottom line is therefore the question of whether you are willing to spend just over 26 $ usd (Amazon) for a standard mouse. Whether a run of the mill model for daily work on the PC also does. In any case, the solid workmanship and running performance speak for the Logitech.

Further pluses are the good handling and the freely selectable key assignment this should actually be enough, because there are no really weighty counter-reasons.

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