MSI Clutch GM41 Mouse Testing, Software Driver

MSI Clutch GM41 Mouse Test

If we rather know MSI for its excellent motherboards and graphics cards , the brand also offers a complete range of peripherals intended for gamers.

Riding on the current trend of ultralight mice, MSI today unveils its Clutch GM41 displaying only 65 g on the scale. The idea is obviously to compete with certain references in the sector, such as the Glorious Model O , the Razer Viper or the most recent Mountain Makalu 67.

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Design & Ergonomics

If MSI has often accustomed us to very “flashy” designs, the latest from the manufacturer displays a style a little more sober than usual.

The mouse opts for a rather minimalist look, with a model that is on paper simple and effective. The field mouse is only offered in black and gray tones and comes with a small touch of RGB with the brand’s logo positioned on the side of the palm rest.

A little more in detail, we first dwell on the dimensions of this MSI Clutch GM41. Here the manufacturer stands out a little from most of its competitors by presenting a mouse with a rather imposing size.

Compact Dimension

With dimensions of 130.1 x 67 x 38.3 mm, it moves away from the ultra-compact models that we had discovered in recent months, like the Cooler Master MM710 , the Xtrfy M42 or the Razer Viper Mini.

Everything is weighed at about 65 g on the scale and for once it is a great feat on the part of MSI. Who manages here to reach this featherweight without the slightest perforation. For comparison, the Razer Viper weighs around 69g and has slightly more compact dimensions.

Speaking of Razer Viper, it’s hard not to find some inspiration in it when you focus on the ergonomics of this GM41. By comparing the two models, we quickly see some similarities in terms of their format and their lines.

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This is particularly the case on the upper part of the mouse, which takes a format quite close to that of the Viper but in dimensions revised upwards. We also remain in both cases on a symmetrical format, even if the curvatures of the facades of the GM41 are in our opinion a little less subtle.

Comfortables Mouse

This slightly more marked choice does not bring any real advantage in terms of handling and may even bring some discomfort depending on the way you hold your mouse. If we enjoy correct comfort in Palm Grip , it is a little more complicated on our side when we opt for Claw Grip.

It is difficult to secure the mouse really well and the ring finger is struggling to find its place. The Viper seems to us clearly better thought out, or at least adapts much more easily to our hand.

Buttons for MSI Clutch GM41

On the button side, we first find the two main clicks, here equipped with Omron switches with 60 million activations. Nothing to say about that, with very reactive activations, without pre or post-travel . It responds well and no play is to report on the side of the pallets.

Between the two, there is a wheel well inserted in the mouse and easy to access. It is covered with a textured rubber coating and has well-marked notches. On our copy, however, they lack homogeneity and some notches are more marked and more audible than others.

Two buttons are positioned on the left front of the mouse. Long and thin, they are easy to access and again offer perfectly adequate responsiveness and a good return to activation.

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Note also the presence of rubber grips on each of the fronts of the mouse. Rather pleasant, they bring a little more to the level of support.

Connection MSI Gm41

In terms of connectivity, the mouse comes with a 2m cable called MSI FrixionFree and designed to reduce friction on its mat. In use, it is above all one of the worst cables we have had the opportunity to test in recent years.

While we expect to find a perfectly flexible and light cable like on most recent ultralight mice, MSI’s cable is incredibly stiff. Associated with the featherweight of the mouse, it is quite simply an aberration and it is clearly difficult to understand this choice.

Depending on its position in your setup, it can quite simply render this Clutch GM41 unusable. The use of a bungee seems mandatory to us.

Pads for mouse MSI GM41

At the back of the mouse, there are 2 PTFE pads on the front and a circular one on the back. Leaving aside the cable, they provide excellent mouse glide. Too bad a spare set is not provided in the box in order to replace them after a few months of use.

In the center, we find the sensor of the Clutch GM41 and to its right a last button allowing to switch between the different levels of DPI.

MSI Dragon Center software

To accompany its mouse, the brand proposes to install its in-house software MSI Dragon Center. Like a Corsair iCUE, the tool acts as a real hub and makes it possible to manage both the manufacturer’s components and peripherals.

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Overall, the application is not necessarily very intuitive and seems mainly composed of different “packages” depending on the products installed. In our case, we thus find a part “Mystic Light” and another “Gaming Gear”.

Download software MSI

Control  with application

From “Mystic Light”, we will be able to manage the single RGB lighting of the mouse, with the brand’s logo positioned at the palm rest. We find classic effects with classic, breathable or rainbow lighting.

If you have other MSI products, we imagine that it is also from this “Mystic Light” tab that we can synchronize the different lights.

By going to the “Gaming Gear” tab, you can select the MSI Clutch GM41 and access its options. The tool allows you to create up to 3 configuration profiles but it does not seem possible to load them automatically depending on its games or applications.


The MSI Clutch GM41 is equipped with a PixArt PMW3389 optical sensor. If this is not the latest generation of the manufacturer.

The model is able to climb up to 16,000 DPI, withstand speeds of 400 IPS and accelerations of 50 G. In use, nothing to complain about in terms of tracking the mouse works perfectly and never picks up during the gaming .


If the MSI Clutch GM41 could have been interesting thanks to its light weight, its affordable price. Its responsive buttons or even its excellent sensor, it is difficult to really recommend it against the current competition.

Between its too rigid cable, its ergonomics not necessarily the most comfortable or its software dating from another era.