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Logitech G Pro X Superlight with super sensor?

Logitech delivers the most precise sensor in the industry today with over 25,000 DPI. Nevertheless: Even in the test of current e-sports titles such as CS, GO, Fortnite or Dota 2. I am could not find any difference to the 16,000 DPI competing models.

In the latency test, on the other hand, the Logitech G Pro X Superlight measured a delay of 4.2 ms between click and action. For a wireless mouse, this is a good, but not perfect, value.

The mouse is also fun with common games such as Age of Empires III Definitie Edition, Doom Eternal or the puzzle game Disco Eysium – but only after it has been made non-slip (more on this below). It is also well suited for everyday office life, as it does not require any noticeable lighting and there is no oversupply of buttons to get in the way of work.


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Design and Handling


In the test, the eel-smooth surface of the mouse was initially annoying, which makes it look a little “cheap”. Appearances or even the feeling are deceptive.

Logitech processes extremely resistant hard plastic here. If you like a little more “grip”, you can stick the supplied studded strips on the Logitech G Pro X Superlight.

This works in the test, but requires a bit of tact until all “bubbles” have been eliminated.

Logitech G Pro


Compared to the larger competing models, however, it also fits in small hands. Nevertheless, the ergonomics of larger hands suffers.

At first, the very slippery surface was also annoying: the gaming mouse was too easy to move on the mouse pad or other surfaces and slid around.

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After replacing the magnetic compartment on the underside, which doubles as a shelter for the wireless receiver, the mouse held a little more firmly. Nevertheless, the liability was not on the level of the other Logitech models


With this model, Logitech relies entirely on a simple look two buttons on the left side, three buttons on the top. Ambitious gamers who would like to assign special commands to a dozen additional buttons will not be happy with the Logitech G Pro X Superlight Wireless.

However, if you don’t need a lot of buttons, you will have real pleasure with the mouse because of its weight.

However, the following applies it is essential to test it beforehand. The low weight is not for everyone. In terms of ergonomics, it cannot be compared with the sister models G604 or the competition due to its simple shape and does not fit perfectly in the hand. With slight restrictions, it is also suitable for left-handers.

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Good battery life

The battery life of the Logitech G Pro X Superlight is also okay, but like the other models in the comparison test, it cannot come close to the 200 hours of the G604 After 77 hours of continuous gaming, the Superlight was over.

The outdated USB standard is a bit strange. Because while manufacturers rely on the USB-C standard for almost all modern accessories or devices.

Software For Logitech G Pro X Superlight

OS Windows Support (windows 10 : 32-bit,64-bit)

Installer (10mb)


Originally intended by and for esports professionals, the Logitech G Pro X Superlight also impresses as an all-rounder in various areas. Its inconspicuous appearance also allows it to pass easily as a companion in everyday office life and, thanks to the 25,000 DPI sensor, it delivers extreme precision even with normal games.

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The somewhat cheap-looking material impression was less appealing, even if the hard plastic is quite stable. Still, Logitech has built the lightest and most precise wireless mouse here. The only disadvantage: At 149 € it is much too expensive.