Logitech G733 wireless headset Review


In August 2020, Logitech presented a new line of colorful gaming products , including the G733 wireless headset. Aimed at PC gamers “ wishing to have a headset with a well-marked identity ”, this model offers a colorful design, and even customizable thanks to original microphone windshields and multicolored headbands sold separately.

It also highlights its RGB backlighting, for even more style, its lightness, the reliability of its proprietary Lightspeed wireless connection and the particularly immersive sound reproduction.

The G733 was launched on September 7, 2020 at a price of 149 €. It is available in four colors (black, white, blue and lilac), one of which is licensed under League of Legends.

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The design of the G733 contrasts with that of other helmets by offering a design much more elegant than the G635 and G935, but less sober than the Pro range . The ear cups are relatively large and each feature forward-facing RGB lighting in the form of a vertical line.

As with the majority of gaming headsets on the market, the pads are made of memory foam that can easily be detached. The hoop consists of a sliding hard plastic part, presumably reinforced by metal rods, and an elastic suspension strap adjustable on two levels and detachable.

The entire helmet is covered with plastic, matt in places, shiny in others, which gives it a “toy” aspect that is not very reassuring at first. However, the helmet seems sturdy. We noticed no flaws, no squeaks, and we have no complaints about the finishes. The headband design allows it to withstand the worst twists, and the headband looks well made.

Manual guide Logitech G733 > Download Here


What strikes most when wearing the G733 for the first time is obviously its weight of 278 g, much lower than the average for gaming headsets (around 310 g). This lightness, in particular due to the 100% plastic design, is really very appreciable. The helmet can thus be worn for long hours without being felt.

The helmet is placed very easily on the head. The suspension strap conforms to the shape of the skull and distributes the weight evenly. This strap is reversible, adjustable on two levels and can be purchased separately on the Logitech website.

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The memory foam and mesh-covered ear cushions are very comfortable and help isolate surrounding noise slightly – sometimes you need to activate mic feedback to hear yourself speak.

Although the comfort of the G733 will suit the majority of users, some may criticize the lack of depth of the ear cups, which can cause unpleasant contact between the anthelix and the speakers after long use. The low range of adjustment of the arch (1 cm on each side) could also pose problems for larger heads.


Like the Pro X Wireless , the G733 works exclusively wireless. It has no mini-jack input and its USB-C port is only used for charging. It communicates with a USB-A wireless transmitter / receiver using the proprietary Lightspeed protocol. A protocol that works correctly and that did not cause us to suffer any cuts during our tests.

Logitech promises us a range of 20 m which is verified as long as there is no obstacle between the headset and the USB dongle . Depending on the type of obstacle, the range can easily be halved, as sometimes a wall is enough to cut off communication.

Manual guide Logitech G733 > Download Here

Controls & Application

The G733 is very easy to use: just plug in the USB dongle and power it on, nothing more. The left ear cup has two mechanical buttons that can be distinguished by touch: one for switching on and a “Selector G”.

Preprogrammed for muting the microphone, but which can be reassigned to any other action via the application.

The dial allows you to control the sound volume synchronously with the device to which the headphones are paired. Its placement and sensitivity require you to be careful when handling the headphones, otherwise the volume may be inadvertently changed.

The physical controls of the G733 are therefore simple. We would still have appreciated a control of the sound balance between the game and the chat or an adjustment of the microphone volume directly on the headset, without having to go back and forth between the game window and the application window from Logitech.

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The headset is obviously managed by Logitech G Hub, the device manager of the Swiss brand. This software is very comprehensive and allows you to customize in detail many aspects of the helmet. It includes a 10-band equalizer, many sound settings for the microphone, including the Blue Vo! Ce filter, what to manage RGB lighting and what to activate and configure the virtual surround DTS Headphone: X 2.0.

Note that the application is much less complete on macOS than on Windows and that it is simply not available on consoles, which can be a problem, especially since the headset does not keep the changes in memory.

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The G733 ranks among the best wireless gaming headsets in terms of battery life. Our measurements validated the promise of 29 hours of use at moderate volume with RGB lights turned off. That said, the headphones demonstrate an astonishing management of these since they still reach 23 hours of autonomy with the RGB lights activated in “cycle” mode.

Charging is ensured by a supplied USB-C to USB-A cable. Even if the latter remains the majority format, we would have appreciated the addition of a USB-C adapter to have top compatibility.


From the first listening, the G733 amazes by its relatively balanced sound reproduction, especially in the first half of the spectrum. The vocals are very well put forward and the stereophony, even if it lacks depth, is rather well defined

The default listening profile still suffers from a certain withdrawal from the presence zone (around 4 kHz), characteristic of the majority of gaming headsets . This brings to the general rendering a felted aspect, without being deaf or cavernous. The headphones can thus be used for long hours without causing hearing fatigue.

For a slightly sharper and more defined rendering, you can make a few small adjustments to the application’s graphic equalizer. We can also act subtly on the high end of the spectrum to obtain fuller highs, a more airy rendering, and thus make the most of what the G733 can offer.

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We also appreciate the balanced reproduction of the bass which is present and delicately put forward without tainting the highest frequencies. The headset offers a comfortable and appreciable seat, both in games and for listening to music.

In the latter case, the speakers of the G733 can nevertheless show some limits on demanding pieces, especially in terms of precision. The readability and identification of some officiating instruments mainly in this region (double bass, bass, synth pads, bass drum) is not always ideal.

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DTS Headphone

DTS Headphone: X 2.0 virtual 7.1 surround is still featured on this G733. Contrary to certain other algorithms, this one does not add an additional room effect which harms the localization of the various sources, and ultimately to the immersion.

Unfortunately, activating this mode has a detrimental effect on the frequency balance: the rendering is cavernous and the algorithm very clumsily accentuates the LFE channel (extreme bass). To keep all the acoustic qualities of the G733, we will often prefer to keep the stereophonic rendering.


The headset comes with a detachable gooseneck microphone (mini-jack connector). The flexible part does not allow the microphone to be placed correctly in front of the mouth, but this is not really a problem since it picks up the voice without any problem.

That said, without any user intervention, the rendering suffers from a “megaphone” effect caused by a particularly tight response on the midrange – related, in part, to wireless communication. In addition, the sensitivity of the microphone is really low, you absolutely have to push the input level to the maximum to be heard.

The picture is not, however, all black: the microphone distinguishes the voice very well from the surrounding noises and it manages perfectly the whistles and the plosives, and that even without windshield. In addition, the Logitech G Hub application provides the G733 with an incredible list of audio processing (Blue Vo! Ce) to achieve a much more enjoyable result  if you like to get your hands dirty.