Cooler Master Hyper 212 Software Update, Manual Guide

Hyper 212 Software

Cooler Master offers with this Hyper 212 Black Edition a cooler with a first-rate performance / price ratio. It plays a finishing card with brushed aluminum, a lid on a heat pipe, nickel-plated copper and a beautiful general black dress. This service is in accordance with the target market.

Hyper 212 Software Update

When the processor remains at a normal temperature the processing speed will still be good. Hyper 212 is here to keep the temperature stable or even cooler than normal.

To get the maximum performance from Hyper 212, we recommended to update the software specifically for Hyper 212.

Files can be found here : Software Update

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Hyper 212 Manual Guide

If you still don’t really understand this hyper 212. in the manual guide explained about the parts of this hype 212. The installation method is also described in this manual.

Knowing well the parts and how to install them will reduce unnecessary small mistakes.

Manual Guide (pdf)


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