Cooler Master Hyper 212 Black Edition REVIEW

Cooler Master Hyper 212

Cooler Master Hypwer 212 Black Edition

All-in-one liquid cooling systems, more commonly known as AIO, are on the rise these days. However, there are still a few users who swear by Aircooling to calm the ardor of their processor. We have others who have had some setbacks with their AIO and come back to the right cooler, because at least, with this kind of product, we don’t have to worry about any mechanical problem related to the pump or a possible liquid leak, certainly much rarer.

With an Aircooling cooling system, the only moving element is the fan and it is not difficult to change it in case of failure of the latter. Cooler Mastercontinues to offer these devices in Aircooling and today, we are going to focus on the Hyper series representing the entry level.

In order to bring its Hyper 212 up to date, Cooler Master plays the design card. Not by modifying the structure of the radiator, but “simply” by dressing it in black and taking care of the finish at the level of its last fin. The result is stunning ! Especially if we refer to the look of the Hyper 212 Evo much more banal. We had not had the opportunity to test the other versions of this Hyper 212. To believe that we were waiting for this Black Edition series!

Let’s go !!!

Characteristics Cooler Master Hyper 212 Black Edition

The Hyper 212 Black Edition takes place in a box with the brand’s favorite colors, namely charcoal black and especially purple. On the main face, we have the photo of the cooler taken 3/4 in order to appreciate the new clothing that the radiator covers.

The specifications Cooler Master Hyper 212 Black Edition

  • Ventirad Hyper 212 Black Edition
  • Overall dimensions (H x W x D) 158.8 x 123 x 77 mm
  • Weight with fan 651 g
  • Material Copper (base and heat pipes), Aluminum (fins) black nickel coating
  • Heat pipes 4 heat pipes of 6 mm
  • Compatibility Intel 20xx / 115x / 1366/775
  • AMD AM2, AM2 +, AM3, AM3 +, AM4, FM1, FM2, FM2 +
  • Fan
  • Model Silencio FP120
  • Dimensions 120 x 120 x 25
  • Speed 650 – 2000 (+/- 10%)
  • Air flow 42 CFM (71.35 m3 / h)
  • Static pressure 2.9 mm H2O
  • Amperage 0.16 A
  • Power 1.92 W
  • Socket 4-pins (PWM)
  • Cable Black wires, flat profile

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The fan :

The Hyper 212 Black Edition is equipped with a unique fan which is none other than the Silencio FP120 of the brand. It is dressed all in black to match the sober look of this new cooler. However, Cooler Master also offers an RGB version with the installation of a completely different fan: SF120R RGB. The frame remains classic with its square shape and rounded corners.

Cooler Master Hyper 212

In order to ensure good air flow through the radiator fins, our Silencio FP120 is somewhat boosted and has a maximum speed that goes up to 2000 rpm instead of the 1400 rpm of the box version. The Cooler Master logo is transcribed on the label as well as the electrical characteristics: 0.16 A or a power of 1.92 W.

The reinforcing branches of the frame are rectilinear. The bearing is of the Loop Dynamic Bearing type, not to say Fluid Dynamic Bearing, but the brand wants to be personalized. We have a classic thickness of 25mm. In the center of the blades : nothing! You have to know how to remain discreet when you display a name like that of Black Edition.

Silent Operation

The Silencio FP120 has only 5 blades. Large blades with a particular design that seems to plunge the distal part as far as possible. This shape gives the fan a higher static pressure while reducing the sound level. In addition, the motor uses the patented “Silent Driver IC” technology which helps to limit vibrations, thus generating less noise pollution.

However, Cooler Master compensates for this absence of silent bloc by placing 4 small adhesive rubber washers on the face in contact with the radiator. Hence, also, the presence of an additional game in the bundle for a possible second fan. The space between the two faces is left free and it is preferable that this be the case since the metal fastener takes place at this level. We note the presence of a plastic part that reinforces the structural rigidity.

4 wires emerge from the electronic board and follow one of the branches of the frame which has small pins to guide the cable. Black in color, the wires are glued to each other to present a flat profile. The cable measures 300 mm and ends with a 4-pin socket attesting to the presence of PWM management. The rotation speed ranges from 650 to 2000 rpm with a margin of +/- 10%. The maximum speed generates an air flow of 42 CFM, or 71.35 m3 / h and a static pressure of 2.9 mm H2O.

The cooler

The radiator comes in the tower format with no less than 55 aluminum fins in which 4 heat pipes take the shape of a U. As can be seen in this front view, the branches of the heat pipes are distributed over two levels in edge of the radiator, making the most of the air flow generated by the fan. It measures 123mm wide by 158.8mm high.

Cooler Master Hyper 212

The small novelty in this Black Edition version is the presence of an aluminum plate which covers all of these fins.
This plate is fixed by two hexagon screws. It also ensures an excellent finish to the entire radiator, concealing at the same time the often unsightly termination of the heat pipes. In addition, the black anodized aluminum has a brushed appearance, very classy!

We are far from the somewhat basic look of the Hyper 212 EVO. It is clear that our cooler offers a whole other much more stylish appearance, like what a little black and a nice finish on the top turns you into a radiator. In the center comes the Cooler Master logo with a metallic appearance. On the ventilated faces, the edge of the fins is not rectilinear, but has a small notch near the corners. On the sides, we have two grooves where the metal clips are housed.

Expected Performances?

A groove for each fan, since the Hyper 212 Black Edition can optionally be fitted with a second fan to switch the cooler to Push / Pull. While the top plate is in black anodized aluminum, the rest of the radiator structure is plated with black nickel, both at the level of the various fins and the heat transfer tubes. The brand spoils us! We are tempted to say that it is really nickel!

A film protects the base of the radiator. As it is stipulated in English. It is imperative to remove the film, before installing the Hyper 212 Black Edition on the processor at the risk of not having the expected performances

Once removed, we discover a Direct Touch type base. The 4 heat pipes, 6 mm in diameter copper, are then machined so as to obtain a completely flat surface in order to be in direct contact with the IHS of the processor. The black nickel plating is extended at this level.

Cooler Master Hyper 212

The structure Hyper 212

The heat pipes fit into a block of anodized aluminum. The structure of the latter incorporates two extensions with a hole to ensure the assembly of the fixing plates specific to the different Sockets. In addition, the upper part of this aluminum structure has been milled in order to obtain small fins which will take advantage of the air flow in order to dissipate the heat accumulated by direct contact with the processor.

The heat pipes are immersed in the various fins and are positioned, in groups of two, with a slight offset between them to make the most of the air flow.

We never tire of contemplating the radiator from all angles. We set up the Silencio FP120 fan. As we can see, the clip takes place between the two sides of the frame. A detail to take into account if ever you want to change the fan, at this time you must ensure that the space at this level is free.

Hyper 212 Black Edition is complete

The metal fastener has a crenellated profile so as to be partially housed in the notch generated by the edge of the fins. We may have to wonder if the clip really holds well in the groove, because the steel rod does not want to stay in its seat. You have to press the clip to ensure it is correctly positioned.

On the other hand, it is strange that the RGB version benefits from a fastening system almost identical to that of the Evo , made up of two plastic structures screwed onto the fan and which are then clipped onto the grooves. With the fan mounted on the radiator, we go from 51mm to 77mm. The total measurement takes into account the presence of the rubber washers . The weight with the fan is 653 g.

Once the Hyper 212 Black Edition is complete, we notice that Cooler Master plays on shades of gray. The black fan is, moreover, devoid of any sticker. The upper plate has a more “Gun Metal” color, enhanced by its brushed appearance and the presence of the brand’s logo.

Sober and classy at the same time! Much more “modern” than the Evo version, the Hyper 212 Black Edition can also switch to a slightly more fun style. Indeed, Cooler Master declines its new cooler in an RGB version .

Mounting : Socket 115x

We start by equipping the radiator with its two fixing plates specific to the Intel Socket. They take place above the extensions of the radiator base structure. They have in their center a tapped hole of type M3, the thread of the two small screws included in the bundle.

These take position under the extension. We like the fact that the mounting point can accommodate the thickness of the screw head, the little detail that polishes the finish of the cooler. The screw is tightened while paying attention that the fixing plate takes its place at the bottom of its housing. The two plates are attached to the base of the radiator.

At each end, we have a spring-loaded screw that fits into an elongated hole. More than a single hole, these are three contiguous holes corresponding to the different centers of Intel Sockets. The screw cannot pass from one hole to another without our exerting a small maneuver. We notice that the screw has a groove, of a narrower diameter, just above its thread.

We now need to equip the backplate. The long, narrow branch is for the Intel Socket, the wider branch is for the AMD Socket. We slide the fixing screw so that its rectangular head takes place in the hollow structure. This prevents the screw from turning on itself when installing the spacer.

Good Material

In order to keep the screw securely in place within the backplate, we use the specific plastic cap for the Intel Socket. At the base of the branch of the backplate, we note the presence of three notches on one of which the cap is clipped. Each of these notches corresponds to one of the centers of the different Intel Sockets.

We have just placed the cap at the level of the first row and we can see that the screw is not yet supported by the structure of this cap. The goal is for the screw to hold a middle position, for our Socket 115x, within the oblong-shaped attachment point. The simplest method is to push in the cap so that it jams the shank of the screw.

While maintaining the radiator with one hand so that the base remains in good contact with the processor, we begin to tighten the various screws, one turn by turn, following a cross pattern. This makes it possible to keep the base of the radiator parallel to the processor during the tightening phase.

Black on black, it is much more sober and classier with this Black Edition version than to see the silver gray aspect of the aluminum, coupled with the orange color of the copper heat pipes, hovering above the motherboard. Doesn’t Cooler Master come to walk on the beds of a certain German brand? Especially since it comes with solid financial arguments.

Sound level

The sound level is measured using a sound level meter placed on a stand 25 cm from the fan (the breath directed in the opposite direction). The readings are made at different voltages applied to the fan (s) via a rheobus and checked by a multimeter. This rheobus allows us, at the same time, to know the speed of rotation as a function of the applied voltage.

Not only does the Hyper 212 Black Edition allow itself to “take” the color codes of the German brand, but in addition, the cooler knows how to be also discreet! Certainly, it has only one fan, but at least its discretion remains assured even at full speed and as much to say that at its lowest speed, it becomes inaudible.

Temperature measurement

The Hyper 212 Black Edition does not have to be ashamed of the competition at least when the ventilation is running at full speed. At low speed, it gives way and this state will be preferred when using the PC in office or multimedia.

With the overclocked processor, it does its job as long as you stay with the fan running at maximum speed. Remember that even at this speed, the Hyper 212 Black Edition remains relatively discreet.

Cooler Master has done a nice makeover job on his Hyper 212, a certain Cristina would be blissful. No, frankly, there is nothing to say about the new look of this cooler which becomes much classier, more refined (like Cooler Master calls it on his website), his counterpart the Hyper X 212.

We appreciate the finish, especially with this brushed aluminum plate which covers all the fins and conceals the end of the often unsightly heat pipes.

We may be surprised by the fact that Cooler Master passes on metal fasteners while the other Hyper 212 benefit from a clip-on fastening system. What we greatly appreciate is the fact that the brand does not revise the price upwards!

A price identical to that of the Hyper 212 X with its silver and copper outfit, or even that of the Hyper 212 LED. Cooler Master also offers an LED version on the Black Edition for 10 euros more. Despite a low price, the bundle is very complete with a syringe of MasterGel Pro thermal paste and above all the necessary to install a second fan.

Indeed, the brand provides a second set of metal clips, rubber washers and even a Y adapter. In order to connect the two fans to the CPU_Fan socket on the motherboard.


The fastening system requires several steps, but it remains simple and effective. In addition, the accessories follow the trend of the Black Edition and abandon their chrome appearance. Compatibility is assured with all current Sockets except the TR4, but hey, we understand the reason.

We are just a little skeptical about the proper fixing of the fan as the steel rod of the clamp will not want to hold its position at the bottom of the notch. A point to watch out for if you do not want to find the fan on the ground, the key is to press down on the clip to ensure it is correctly positioned.

The tower format of the Hyper 212 Black Edition does not interfere with the installation of the memory modules, the fan positioning itself neatly before the first slot. The sonic performance is top notch with the Silencio FP120 fan which remains quiet even at full throttle. Suffice to say that at low speed it disappears from our sound detection field.

Faced with our 7700k, the temperatures are very correct as long as we let the fan move its blades at full speed. However, it loses ground when this speed is reduced to its minimum and this state will be favored during office or multimedia use of the PC.

Positive points (+)

  • Rate
  • Look
  • Finish
  • Sound level
  • Easy assembly
  • Sound level
  • 12 V performance
  • 100% memory compatibility
  • Bundle

The negative points (-)

  • Slow speed receding performance
  • Fan fixing