Comparison : Alienware r11 vs ryzen edition r10?


MD destroys Intel when you’re doing things like video editing and sound in it and things of that nature. Intel usually is more expensive for can be really good for gaming. But remember that gaming is not about cores, it’s mostly about speed and dealing with burst of information which is where intel holds an advantage.

But, I have an i7 10700 in my computer and my son has near the exact Sam set up, little smaller SSD, his runs an R7 3700x. We both have 32gb of ram 3200, and both are now running 3080’s we had 2070’s before L with the two systems before RTX upgrade he would only get 4-6 fewer FPS than me, always over 120, harsh games around 76-70. Now we are are always a couple GPS off with 3080 he’s -3-4 fewer.

FPS Alienware r11 vs ryzen edition r10

At 4K I start getting 5-8 FPS all above 60fps, usually above 80+. VR for some odd reason runs a little better on his AMD not sure why? So honestly the difference is so minuscule it’s ridiculous Truly. I’d one thing I have noticed on his AMD is 3D sound. Probably something to do more with the motherboard than processor. Oh and both systems cost almost the same so

Clock Speed Alienware r11 vs ryzen edition r10

For most games single core performance (clock speed measured in Ghz) is more important and usually that means Intel (the R11). Some games (such as flight simulators like XPlane and RTS games such as Civilization) and many productivity tasks (such as video editing and spreadsheets) will use as many cores as are available and in those cases AMD (R10) has the advantage as they have more cores for your CPU dollar.

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