HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset Review

HyperX Cloud II

HyperX Cloud II : play games more stable?

HyperX engineers have worked very hard to respond to complaints made by users on its first productions in terms of gaming headsets. With this in mind, the HyperX Cloud II headset was born. Which promises to bring together great innovations, especially with the addition of 7.1 sound virtualization and a new USB connection.

Engineers also worked to make the design more attractive than ever. Let’s see if the result is up to our expectations.

We, like many other users, took the time to use the headset to test for ourselves the various new features announced by HyperX. We tested it with different games and different videos and we were able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the different features that make up the helmet.

Sound & Microphone Quality

We weren’t surprised at the quality of audio that came out of the headphones. As it is indeed like that of its predecessors. We noticed the bass which was very present with a nice linearity at the low frequencies.

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We like the fact that the membranes are reactive enough to receive a good level of treble and mids. On the other hand, we did notice a slight lack of precision in the mids, but complete clarity in the vocals which are quite distinct.

We also note that the Cloud II allows to have a beautiful stereophony and with its passive isolation system, the user can be cut off from outside noise while listening.

7.1 Sound Virtualization

The headset also offers 7.1 sound virtualization, but this is not very efficient and useful. This function was an important marketing element for the Cloud II, but we noticed that there is no precision in the spatialization analysis due to the play on the phase and the added reverberation.

We would have preferred to also have an active noise cancellation system to reinforce the passive noise isolation system. But not serious ! With the passive isolation system, the user can have most of the sound inside their headphones. He will just be a little disturbed if he finds himself in an environment that is too noisy.

HyperX Cloud II – Microphone

One of the advantages of the HyperX mic is the fact that it can be detached and repositioned when needed. With the windshield placed on the microphone, the noises of the breath or breaths are considerably reduced.

In terms of performance, we can say that the mic is quite efficient and can capture crystal clear vocals and enjoy excellent sound reproduction.

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We cannot finish the analysis of the microphone by omitting the presence of the sound card which makes it possible to cancel the external noise and any form of echo. Because of this sound card, the incoming chat volume is automatically increased when the game gets louder. We think this mic quality is good for playing party games, but not at all useful if you want to record voiceovers for your YouTube uploads for example.

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Build Quality & Design


The brand wanted to keep the solidity like the old devices. Thus, the HyperX Cloud II helmet is also made of rigid aluminum and rubberized plastic. These materials come in different colors: metal / black; red / black, with the aluminum part in red.

The arrangement of these materials gives the Cloud II a strength and sturdiness that allows it to be kept for a long time once you buy it and don’t abuse it.

The finishes have also been worked with care and delicacy to keep the refined side of the device as was the case for previous HyperX helmets.

HyperX Cloud II – Design

In terms of design, we applaud all the care taken in the design and assembly of the helmet. We notice the flexibility of the hoop which can easily be adjusted in height thanks to the inlaid markers.

This arch is also covered with foam which allows it to be positioned correctly on the head without feeling any discomfort. Since it can expand and tighten, so the helmet can be suitable for different kinds of people, young, old or children.

The brand has kept the shape of the circumaural earpads and also kept the presence of the ear cushions which are either foam or imitation leather. The pads are quite soft and soft to keep the ears healthy. With the covering of the pads, the helmet can also be placed on the ears without them suffering from overheating (especially with the pads covered with foam. As for the imitation leather, it enhances the elegance and prestige of the device and gives the helmet a somewhat vintage but shiny look.

Exterior Finishes

We especially like the exterior finishes, which are brushed metal, and the way the black colors have been coordinated. The logos too have been designed with subtlety allowing the user to go a little unnoticed. At least if he does not want to be the prerogative of the brand whose product he owns.

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There is also a velor finish on some helmets which also helps to enhance the elegance of the helmet. As you can see, HyperX has bet on diversity in order to reach a larger audience. In addition, with the detachable microphone. The user is more free in his movements and there is less risk of breaking the microphone.

Helmet For Headset Hyperx Cloud II

A noteworthy element about the design of the headset is the fact that all the controls have been placed on the USB sound card. So you can manipulate the controls without making a mistake.

Indeed, on most helmets, the controls are distributed over the headset itself and the user can therefore press an inappropriate button when wanting to search for a certain function.

It is to avoid these problems that HyperX made a point of putting all the Cloud II controls on the sound card.

HyperX Cloud II Features and Controls

We notice that the functional differences between Cloud II and previous headsets are due to the presence of 7.1 on this model. We then notice are the connection and the integrated control.

The supplied cable ends with a 3.5 mm mini jack connector and is compatible with the PS4, tablets, smartphones or even Xbox through an adapter. We would have appreciated the fact that the adapter came with the headset to facilitate connection.

This same connection accommodates all the controls as well as the integrated sound card. It ends with another long USB cable which allows connection to a PC or Mac and is instantly recognized. We would have preferred the mini jack cable to be removable so that there is less risk of breaking it when handling the headphones.

Sound Control

On the control we find the keys to increase or reduce the volume of the headset. A key to activate the virtual 7.1, a key to mute the microphone or to activate it. We are used to using a wheel for volume management, but we noticed that it also works with simple +/- keys. We had no problem setting the volume quickly.

However, we have noticed that several features are used on the same order. Thus, you must master and remember all the commands. Because sometimes a button is used to activate several things at the same time. There is a red light on the logo which only indicates the activation of 7.1.

HyperX Cloud II – Comfort

We like the length of the device’s cable which gives the user more freedom of movement. However, be careful that it does not get tangled under your chair. As has been said, the ear cushions and the headband covered with foam or imitation leather provide unforgettable comfort when using the helmet.

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Even after several hours of use, it is very rare to experience pain. In addition, since the hoop is adjusted to the shape of the head. There is no pain that is felt because of a too tight hoop for example.

You just need to adjust it well on the head and you will feel comfortable during all the play sessions.

HyperX Cloud II – Accessories

In terms of accessories, we were surprised at the many extras that come with the Kingston HyperX Cloud II package. We note the presence of a carrying case that allows you to store and move the device in peace.

There is also an airplane adapter as well as ear pads which can be replaced. You can opt for the velor or faux leather pads. Even though the carrying bag is not strong enough and cannot fully protect the helmet from impact. It is still quite convenient for point-to-point transport.

HyperX Cloud II – Comparison

Our tests were also carried out on other gaming headsets and we compared the features with those of the Cloud II. By comparing it to the Logitech G432 and the Steelseries Arctis 7. We were able to assess the effectiveness of Cloud II.

If you don’t know how to choose between the different gaming headsets that are currently on the market. The following comparison can help you find the headset that really suits your needs.


  • By observing it, we immediately notice the solidity and the beauty of the finishes which were carried out with great care.
  • We also appreciate the sound rendering and we find that the whole is imbued with homogeneity.
  • The microphone provided for the Cloud II is also of good quality and allows you to have good recordings.
  • The transport of the helmet is done easily thanks to the microphone which is detachable and the carrying bag.
  • The comfort offered by the headset is without appeal and allows prolonged use.

Don’t like

  • We notice however that the design is quite imposing, not practical enough to store and move it.
  • We would have preferred the headset cord to come off to facilitate storage of the device.