Test The Roccat Tyon, a mouse ready to take off

Test The Roccat Tyon


The Roccat Tyon. When it comes to mice, it’s hard to reinvent the wheel. This does not prevent manufacturers from trying welcome developments, especially in the field of mice for gamers. Roccat is trying a new experience with the Tyon, with a palette of customizable buttons and an analog stick to manage movements in height in addition to the traditional laser sensor. A mouse for flight simulation enthusiasts?

Design and Ergonomic  The Roccat Tyon

Result of Test The Roccat Tyon From the first grip, a familiar feeling sets in. And for good reason, the Tyon resumes the general shape and approaches the dimensions of the Kone XTD . The arrangement of its many buttons allows to consider a good modularity in the games. The backlighting is limited to the wheel and a border around the base of the mouse

The thumbhole is nice, but is intended exclusively for right-handed people. The sides are made of granular plastic, to ensure a firm grip, while the palm rest and the two main buttons benefit from a softer coating. Nothing to say, it’s classic.

Test The Roccat Tyon

13.5 cm long and 7.8 cm wide, that’s what it takes for a good grip and long playing sessions. The glide is ensured by two large Teflon pads at the front and on the back of the mouse. It is impeccable on fabrics, silicone or hard carpets. On the weight side, we are at 130 grams, a well weighted mouse but not too heavy either.


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Buttons for Roccat Kone Pure

It is on the side of the buttons that the Tyon stands out. In addition to the two main buttons of the click wheel, there are also two buttons on each side of the main ones, a right and left button under the wheel, an EasyShift + button at the base of the mouse on the left and finally the analog stick above the two buttons under the thumb.

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As usual, the Omron mechanical switches on the buttons are responsive. Remember that the EasyShift + function allows you to assign two commands to each button and to switch between them via the dedicated button.

Input Device The Roccat Tyon

The analog stick (the X-Celerator) is recognized as a joystick via Direct Input (the API that manages input devices). It can therefore be used by all games that recognize controllers. For use on Battlefield 4 , for example, we have abandoned the joystick, until then only reserved for the helicopter, to keep only the mouse. Be careful, we still have a few small complaints: the EasyShift + button, badly placed under the thumb, is sometimes activated inadvertently. The right / left button above the mouse turns out to be quite difficult to reach with your fingertips, but you end up getting used to activating it with a knuckle, even if it is not very natural at first.

Precision The Roccat Tyon

Unsurprisingly, there is communication up to 1000 Hz with the PC for formidable precision. It is also possible to decrease the frequency to 500 or 125 Hz for use on older PCs.

Our test protocol measures the number of meters / second that a mouse can absorb, but does not give the maximum value just what can be done with a human arm.

With its 8200 dpi laser sensor, it is impossible to fault the Tyon with the strength of our little arms. The mouse collected up to 7.4 m / s with our test software. It is therefore prepared for any brutal movement in play; no worries on that side.

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Conclusion The Roccat Tyon

After Test The Roccat Tyon, Relatively specialized for flight simulators, the Roccat Tyon can however perfectly adapt to any type of game. With a more than reasonable amount of programmable buttons and its analog stick, the latest from Roccat also offers a comfortable grip. It is in any case the most versatile gaming mouse on the market.

Software For Roccat

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