Razer Kishi Controller and Xbox game

razer khisi Xbox game

The “Project xCloud”: the Nintendo Switch Microsoft version

The “Project xCloud” was in test since April 28, 2020 in France. Officially released, but still in development on September 15, 2020. The xCloud is compatible with most Android phones, although we are still awaiting an agreement between Microsoft and Apple to see it land on iPhone.

The xCloud allows you to install an “Xbox Game Pass” application on your phone and tablet so you can play your games wherever you go, depending on your internet connection. You can therefore continue the game you started earlier, from your console or PC via your Android device.


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For my part, I was able to continue my backup of Grounded on my Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus during my break (when I could still work #NonEssential).

On the other hand, not all Game Pass games are compatible via xCloud (given that it is still in development), so be sure to check the list of games before taking the plunge ! Finally, I would say that the xCloud accompanied by an Xbox controller or the Razer Kishi is a good alternative for players who do not want to buy yet another console, but still want to enjoy Microsoft games on the go.

The Razer Kishi controller, between ergonomics and practicality

Lightweight and comfortable, the Razer Kishi controller tends to remind us of Nintendo’s Joy-Con design, but with a more “grown-up” feel.

Its compact but expandable size adapts to the dimensions of the phone; on the other hand, forget the Rhinoshield type phone cases, because too thick Tested, and disapproved.

Design Razer Kishi

Designed with Microsoft, the Razer Kishi sports the colors and layout of the elements of Xbox. The “Home” button and the offset joysticks will obviously remind you of the exceptional quality of handling Xbox controllers.

The ducts on the front of the controller provide correct sound without suffocation. However, the use of the excellent Game Pass tends to knock out the smartphone’s battery.

Which allows you to charge your smartphone while playing. Should you still have a USB-C socket on your smartphone to use the Razer Kishi controller on Android

Is paying for Razer a guarantee of quality?

Personally, I particularly like Razer. I already own two Kraken Pro V2 headsets, an anodized aluminum mouse pad and a few mice from my early days in gaming.

However, I admit that once I got the controller in hand. I still found it odd that the Razer Kishi controller was made of lightweight plastic.

After some research, I learned that the controller is manufactured by high-tech brand Gamevice and therefore does not come out of Razer’s factories.

Build Quality

The plastic seems less robust to me than what the brand had accustomed me to. I was even afraid of “weakening” the lever by opening and closing the attachment device, even if it is only a helping hand.

Beware, that doesn’t mean the Razer Kishi is worthy of an entry level accessory, just that, in my opinion, it doesn’t live up to Razer’s craftsmanship either.

Software Support for Razer Khisi Xbox

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